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About Rockwell Hardness Tester

One of the essential characteristics of a material is hardness. Hardness is measured using different scales to determine its mechanical abrasion. The testing process helps determine the material’s sensitivity for dents and scratches, which makes the Rockwell hardness tester a vital tool in hardness testing.

Rockwell tester works by scratching the surface of a material and later scaling it on different levels. The process, called indentation, uses the industrial press. This process determines the hardness of a material by measuring the intender’s penetration depth under heavy loads and comparing it with the preload penetration.

Different scales are used each time different intenders or loads are used, and a single letter label it. The hardness test output is correlated with the tensile strength and done in various applications on different materials like copper, aluminium, and titanium.

Features of a Rockwell tester

Rockwell testers have an automatic weight selection mode. Weight selection is essential for the testing process of different matters. The weight selection for hardness testing plays an important role since it determines the result’s accuracy.

The testing process is easier on the Rockwell hardness tester when using an automatic weight selection device. Working in the most selectable menu provides an easy and comfortable working environment since it can simultaneously carry out multiple hardness tests.

Rockwell hardness tester has a selectable and simple operating menu, plus the tester uses a motorized system that reduces time consumption in manual methods by speeding up the testing process hence saving time.